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“Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Why? Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands”

In this on-going fight against COVID-19, this is the best strategy per World Health Organization (WHO).


To strengthen our fight against the COVID19 pandemic, we’ve got you covered with the essentials for hand washing and sanitizing solutions.

At APKI, we offer ingredients and formulations for effective hand washing. From bar soaps, powder soaps, liquid soaps, tablet soaps to rinse free soaps, APKI offers a wide variety of anionic, amphoteric, non-ionic, cationic surfactants, blends and soap noodles, with superior cleaning and foaming properties.

For Sanitizing and Disinfection, we offer antiseptics, biocides and disinfectants with high quality and proven efficacy against bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses. We offer non-alcohol antiseptics and disinfectants that are deadly and tough on SARS-corona type viruses, but safe for skin. An active that effectively works as antiseptic and disinfectant, that causes the ‘envelope’ of coronaviruses to break and the cell contents to spill out, thus inactivating the virus. Non-toxic even to children and pets, and less likely to dry or irritate skin since it is gentler on the skin’s natural oils. Non-flammable, thus easier to store and safe for use.

There is also a variety of thickeners, rheology modifiers, solubilizers, neutralizers, fragrance and other ingredients to choose from to help achieve the desired product attributes.


Hand washing destroys the membrane of the micro-organisms, such as viruses, and disperses sticky dirt from our skin into the water. Unfortunately, every time hands are washed, the skin loses moisture and the protective and life-precious lipids from our skin are also stripped away. The potential virus on the skin is killed, but our skin barrier will eventually be destroyed with frequent and intensive hand washing.

A skin that has lost its barrier feels itchy, uncomfortably dry and becomes red. Skin then starts to hurt, becomes rough, scaly, cracks and bleeds. Skin becomes more susceptible to skin pathogens which increases chances of infection.

Our skin is also blessed with a collection of micro-organisms called skin microbiota which provides a natural layer of protection to keep skin healthy. This anti-microbial shield limits harmful micro-organisms from invading our skin and body. Surfactants in soaps and alcohol from sanitizers are not selective and makes no distinction between COVID-19, pathogens and protective micro-organisms. It kills everything, both the good and the bad micro-organisms.

The ultimate goal should be to thoroughly clean and sanitize without destroying the protective resources such as the skin barrier and natural protection against harmful microorganisms.


It is not possible to replace soaps and alcohol in this war against COVID19 as it is the life-saving strategy that we have for now.

Protecting ourselves against COVID-19, without destroying our skin’s natural barrier is the longterm strategy.

Better safe than sorry… but why be sorry when we can be safe and healthy.

Effective, Mild and Care Solutions for Frequent and Thorough Hand Cleansing

  • Mild surfactants with intense and deep cleaning properties

  • 100% Naturally derived, anionic surfactants for ultra-mild, even tear-free rinse off formulations; with conditioning boosting effects (awarded BSB Innovation Prize 2020 in the ‘functionals & recipients’ subcategory)

  • Biolipid enhancers for that clean, soft, smooth, silky and moisturized feel.

  • Vegetable blend that mimics all the skin lipids, repairs skin protective barrier by restoring the lost skin lipids

  • Emollients that soften and soothe skin

  • Advanced skin actives for immediate and long lasting hydration and moisturization

  • Vitamins and skin conditioners to achieve the desired sensory feel

  • Visual and other sensory enhancers

Care Solutions for Alcohol, Hand Sanitizers and Disinfectants

  • Emollients for smooth, moisturizing and non-tacky after feel

  • Advanced skin actives for immediate and long lasting hydration and moisturization

  • Skin conditioners and sensory enhancers

  • Skin feel modifiers for that desired spreading and sensory feel

  • Visual and other sensory enhancers

Hand Soaps & Hand Sanitizers with Prebiotics

Prebiotics are bio-selective food. They are food for the good, protective and beneficial skin microbiota. Harmful organisms can not digest the prebiotics. Hence, prebiotics support the protective micro-organisms on our skin, but does not support the growth of fungi, viruses and pathogenic germs.

Prebiotics are safe and efficient solutions in hand soaps and hand sanitizers to keep on killing the virus, but not our protective anti-microbial shield. Our prebiotics will be an excellent partner to make hand washes and hand sanitizers milder for the protective skin microbiota.

With prebiotics, alcohol kills more selectively and therefore, more efficiently; alcohol becomes less destructive to our skin.

Our prebiotics also act as smooth skin conditioning agents for the desired after-feel.

We’re in this COVID-19 fight together.. We will rise as one. Let us know how we can be of support. For request of samples, concepts and formulations, please contact us.

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